"Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come." -Victor Hugo


Tasty Tea is brewed from purified water and select real tea leaves, chilled and stored in a sealed chilled environment until it is dispensed into a glass or cup filled with ice for serving; optionally blended with an all natural, no preservatives, cane sugar based, chilled liquid sweetener. The fully automated compact system delivers a uniform, high quality beverage complete with the natural antioxidants and homemade taste tea drinker’s love.

Owners and operators will lease the system, kept stocked, serviced and monitored by trained technicians without a capital investment, or the need to hire or train any workers. They need only estimate the minimum quantity of tea they will sell each day, and pay for 30 days in advance. At the end of each month they will be invoiced for that amount or the actual amount sold.

This new service will provide R/O purified water for table service and all water fed equipment which will eliminate the cost of disposable water filters and the land fill problems from spent cartridges. Purified water contains no dissolved materials that create lime scale build up and require specialized technicians and shorten the life of equipment.

Beverage profits will rise and the user’s image will be boosted because ozone gas, generated on site, automatically disinfects the system daily, and optionally, provides an FDA approved sanitizer to spray rinse incoming foods, cutting boards, utensils and workers hands, with ozonated water that kills all known food borne pathogen on contact but leaves no chemical trace, as does chlorine.

We are a Registered U.S. Federal Contractor and may apply for a small business SBIR/STTR grant to fund the building and Beta Testing of the system and invite Accredited Investors to purchase founder’s stock to implement the Business Plan and provide working capital for the start up.

The business plan is intended as a “working proposal” and as such, it should be considered a communication vehicle with our thoughts and recommended approach for assessing the performance of the Tasty Tea system in market test, additionally it provides general guidelines as to cost parameters such an assessment might entail. Without question, the underlying assumptions and specifics will have to be discussed, modified, and refined prior to undertaking the marketing process. Hence, as a “working proposal” the business plan represents the first step towards development of an executable assessment plan. Armed with data and publicity from the market tests we will collaborate with Investment Bankers on an IPO as an exit strategy for early investors.

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